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The writing of my book moved quickly as the manuscript went from my hunt and peck typing to Joe's nimble fingers to being published. Once published, Embraced By The Light became the best-selling book in the Salt Lake City area in just 2 short weeks to mercilessly broadening its readership to become an International Best Seller.

For the first years after my NDE, I only shared the knowledge with those close to me, then that grew to sharing with small groups. In 1987, I began writing my experience in pamphlet form at first to share with her cancer patients. Eventually, I began speaking publicly to larger groups, one of which was the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) as well as various grief groups and church gatherings. My efforts were brought to a halt when my father became ill and I became his sole caregiver. In 1991 that changed, when I was told by the Spirit: “It is time to write the book.” I was “shown” what to write as well as how to finish the manuscript in book form. I was also told that the right Publisher would come to me. The result was my book, Embraced by the Light, whose phenomenal success quickly thrust me into the public spotlight. After “Embraced” was published, I gave up my hypnotherapy practice and began traveling extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland. My speaking events center on what I learned about life and the life-beyond, and what awaits us all when we return back home to God, our Creator. 

Finding a Publisher for Embraced by the Light

During a vision, I was told that the publisher would seek me out, and that I would recognize the publisher by the tones in his voice. When the right publisher called, he told me that he had : "a passion to publish the book". When he first began to speak to me on the phone, I knew him by the tones of his voice. I sat stunned by what I heard him say, and I reached for my journal and read: "and you will know him by the tones of his voice" and he will say"he has a passion to do this book". I knew that I was now talking to the publisher God had told me about, ad the passion he mentioned was another sign that God had given me.

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With the spirit guidance I received, I was able to complete the entire book in nearly 4 weeks. After the book was publish, nothing could have prepared me for the events the quickly followed. I’d love to share some photos and memorabilia items with you of the amazing journey from the initial publishing to it's message spreading across the globe.



Here is a short video of Joe from the “Embraced” Ten Year Anniversary. Joe reflects on different events from his own unique perspective. 

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