After making some very bad choices in my life, I found myself a single parent with two daughters to raise alone. We were homeless and had put our belongings in storage. We were living literally day by day in motels.
After carefully considering leaving the city we were living in, I prayed one night and heard the voice of God say, "I'm with you and I need you here." So I prayed and said, "God, I need a miracle if we are going to stay."
After days and days of going from apartment building to apartment building and finding no open doors and not having the money to move in anywhere, I stopped at the post office to check for my mail. While there, I looked up and saw a building across the street with an apartment for rent. I went in and the manager said the first month's rent would be free, but I would need to pay one month for security. The entire amount I would need to move in was only one month's rent! This is unheard of in this area.
I prayed again, and lo and behold, the Lord provided us with $1000, and my daughters and I were off the streets, had our stuff out of storage, and were in our new apartment within 10 days.
God does answer prayer!
Four years later, I am now starting up a ministry for single mothers and their children to help in time of need. It's just a beginning now, but "despise not small beginnings," and I believe it's going to flourish and that's why God needed me to stay here.

Shelley - Valley Village, CA

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