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Catapillar Jones by J.J. Brothers

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Mulberry Meadow is the home of Caterpillar Jones, alias C.J. With his friend, Sammy, C.J. sets out to become an Adventurer. Together they face the challenges of climbing Ponder rock, battling E. Phil Snake, and learning the wisdom of The Great Owl. Along the way, C.J. also finds love, learns the beauty of the sunrise, and feels the sadness of losing a friend. But an Adventurer is never selfish, so with renewed dedication to helping others, he embarks on a quest to triumph over his fears and loneliness.

The Adventures of Caterpillar Jones is a charming story of growth and transformation. Sometimes whimsical and sometimes touching, this tale inspires with simple yet profound truths. Laugh and cheer as C.J. makes the hazardous, and sometimes humorous, journey from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. Caterpillar Jones provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to share life's challenges and transformations to beauty with their children. A must read for all ages.

"Having read Caterpillar Jones at the age of 75, I found it to be one of my all time favorite books! You will laugh and you will cry, so keep your kleenex close. It is truly a book of life's endless challenges, and transformations. I recommend it for all ages."

Joseph L. Eadie

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