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Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie

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Though Embraced By The Light chronicles my near-death experience and amazing journey into the spirit world, its main purpose is to reach hurting souls and bring comfort to them during hardships, loss of loved ones and to help them establish direction when misdirected through daily living. However, perhaps more important than anything else—its purpose is to bring to its reader the powerful message of God's unconditional and eternal love for them.

The message of his eternal love is so important that in just a few short months this small book miraculously covered the globe. Embraced By The Light was and still is meant to reach all those in the world who have been prepared and are ready to receive it.

My life's mission has expanded since "Embrace's" first publication in 1992, and continues to expand as it compels me to find new avenues that will reach and awaken even greater numbers of people to God’s message of love. The experience is a gift from God to us all. I felt his guidance and encouragement as I began to write it, and I followed his direction of how to publish it. Today, I am grateful and humbled as ripples of love return to me from those whose spirits connected to “Embraced” and whose lives are touched and helped by what is given them.

My life was changed by the knowledge given me to share, and it never grows old for me to recall even a single minute of my visit into heaven. My heart still swells with love each time I remember the love I was given there, and I often wonder if any of the hosts of angels look over me with interest in "what on earth is she doing!" My heart and soul work together to keep “Embraced” alive and available, in one way or another, to those searching for meaning in their life and greater understanding of the afterlife with God.

Sharing the message of God's love is my life's work—it is my joy and my love. I stand amazed every time I see God's use of

Embraced By The Light for the betterment of his children. I also stand in awe as I see his loving protection over the work he has given me to do. This is his work too, his blessing and gift. And, as his spirit wills it through its eternal love and truths, Embraced By The Light will continue to draw more and more of his precious children to Him.

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