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The Ripple Effect by Betty J. Eadie

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The Purest form of any “ripple” is sharing God’s unconditional love. My book The Ripple Effect: Our Harvest, contains many of these ripples that were first created by Embraced By The Light and The Awakening Heart: My continuing journey to love.

The Ripple Effect is what I call my first “teaching” book. What I have written is deeper than I could possibly write in 'Embraced by the Light,' or in my second book, 'The Awakening Heart. There is more in this book for you to ponder and absorb; more information based on what I learned during my stay in Heaven. Read this book prayerfully, ask our Heavenly Father to reveal it's truthfulness to you, much lies within each page.

After enormous printings of 'Embraced by the Light,' I received bins-full of mail almost daily. A great portion of the mail brought questions about what it was like to die and my after-life with God. Another portion shared stories about wounded lives, people hurting so bad that it grieved my heart to read some of them. Others wrote and told me of the ripple effect that "Embraced by the Light" had, had in their lives. Frustrated that I could not find an easier way to reach each one with a hug, I decided to write to them personally within another book. Of course, I found the perfect title within their letters: The Ripple Effect, subtitled, Our Harvest.

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