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The Soul's Remembrance by Roy Mills

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Throughout his life, Roy Mills has been blessed by a special means of comfort: Vivid memories of a life before birth. He remembers a heavenly home and a loving Father and friends who deeply cared for him there. He recalls his personal growth as a spirit-in-training for life on Earth. He remembers the process of traveling from heaven, entering a physical body, and beginning life as an infant in this mortal world.

In A Soul's Remembrance, Mr. Mills describes all this and more. His unusual memories have created many unique experiences in life. He has recalled events before their occurrence. He has pre-life memories of people he meets as strangers here. He knows the real meaning of deja-vu and explains why all but a few have had pre-life memories blocked from use. Because our memories are blocked, as Mr. Mills explains, from childhood on we become progressively earthbound in our thinking. We limit our possibilities when we rely only on our outward abilities and intellect.

Astonishingly, Mr. Mills tells us how life's difficulties represent things selected by us before coming here, that we might grow in particular ways. He shares his own life's difficulties and connects them with his pre-birth training for gaining greater patience, love, and understanding. Then he mentions the special nature of the disadvantaged and disabled, and why we should esteem and respect them.

The author describes the physical power of prayer and how guardian angels watch over and assist us. He writes about each person's essential role in the intricate plan of God and of the "special gifts" given to help accomplish that role.

Roy Mills' book, The Soul's Remembrance, is a powerful reminder of our spiritual nature and of the need for tolerance and love. It is a book that has the power to reshape the way we view our lives. It provides perspective that helps us cope with our trials and to find peace and happiness in a world that—though deeply troubling at times—is designed to help us grow and learn.

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