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How can I go on after the loss of someone I love?

When we lose a loved one, we cannot help but ask, “Why?” Death seems so final. In addition to grief, we often feel anger and may even blame ourselves. Remembering our eternal nature will help us draw strength as we understand that our loved one is now free of the physical pains of this world.

“My new body was weightless and extremely mobile, and I was fascinated by my new state of being. Although I had felt pain from the surgery only moments before, I now felt no discomfort at all. I was whole in every way—perfect. And I thought, This is who I really am . . . The fact of a pre-earth life crystallized in my mind, and I saw that death was actually a 'rebirth' into a greater life of understanding and knowledge that stretched forward and backward through time.”

Embraced By The Light, pages 31-32

Even with an understanding that death is an opportunity for us to grow spiritually, the emotions and pain we feel often would halt us in our ability to carry on.

“After a loved one dies, grief may overwhelm us no matter how prepared we think we are; a relationship once taken for granted is suddenly stripped away from us, and an awesome void enters into our lives. We are left with sorrow, uncertainty, and a sense of helplessness. Often, vulnerability replaces confidence, and simple decisions become unfathomable matters of confusion.” The Ripple Effect, pages 222-223

One of the most loving gifts we can give to another is to pray for them, we can pray for our departed loved ones and find healing ourselves. “Pray for one another that ye may be healed…” (James 5:16)

“Letting go of loved ones when they pass into the next life is natural and right. In letting go and praying for their continued growth, we share our love for them and open ourselves up to the power we need to move on. We need not insist that they return to comfort or calm us. God is able to do that as his spirit works among us, guiding us to the full and rich lives he intends for each of us.”

—The Ripple Effect, p. 231

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