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Inorganic Experiments Woollins.pdf [Updated] 2022




Category:1994 non-fiction books Category:Chemistry books The Hidden Persuaders on how to make Web Apps look great - ayme ====== Jem I wonder if it's possible to get the same effects with the DHTML/CMS style approach? That is, building the UI with divs/stylsheet/css and javascript for the look/feeling. ~~~ messel For the web, building a website is mainly the users eyes. The page "performs/looks" great until you have to open it on a phone or other touchscreen device. Building a responsive site would be a step in the right direction. ~~~ simonw A responsive site is one where the code is the focus, and the appearance is a by-product. That is, if the code is too large or complex to understand in the first place, the end user can't possibly maintain it well. We've been looking at ways to make web site code more composable, and the result is - an HTML preprocessor that generates output based on custom data structures you define, which can be very simple. ~~~ Jem That sounds like a nice tool. I know that I can set up HTML and CSS properly, and then use JavaScript (and maybe Handlebars) to apply styles and filter content. I just like it when the CSS works more independently of the JS because it makes things easier to maintain (at least, that's the impression I get from your comment). ------ twidlit that's what software development should be about: Design is not a simple process of the computer. ------ ayme "They found that the graphs of technology had evolved through four waves over the past 10 years: waves of 'New Economy' innovation in the early to mid-nin 'thousands, followed by waves of 'New Media' innovation at the turn of the century, and then waves of 'Organic Web' innovation in the late 2000s" Q: how to know when header is completely loaded in codeigniter




Inorganic Experiments Woollins.pdf [Updated] 2022

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