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Henrietta Atkin
Mar 04, 2022
In Daily Prayer Warriors
Dear Warring Angels, I read that the President of Ukraine has escaped assassination 3 times this week. I believe this is thanks to prayers from all over the world. God is faithful! We war against not flesh and blood, but the powers of evil. Let us continue to pray for this miraculous protection. There is a hit list put out to assassinate top level Ukrainians, so let's ask for God's will and for protection. Miraculously, God is moving hearts and many Russians are giving secret information to the Ukrainians. It was described by some as "eerie," and that made me feel that divine agents are causing this change of heart. Lucy
Henrietta Atkin
Apr 07, 2021
In Daily Prayer Warriors
Hello WAVES, My dear friend Patrycja, only 49, just had a heart attack. She is also our hair stylist -- we were going to get my daughter Sophia's hair cut this morning and wondered why she didn't show up. This can be no coincidence that she had her heart attack on today. She is in intensive care right now. If God wills, I ask that she be completely healed from her heart attack and operation. Thank you so much.
Henrietta Atkin
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