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Sarah Martinez
Oct 31, 2021
In Weekly Circle of Prayer
My husband losing his job definately rocked us to the core, and my eyes needing 6 more months to heal for a surgery that may or may not work is making me depressed beyond belief. Im trying to stay strong bc i see my husband falling into depression too. Whats worse is he is pulling from me and the lord. I brought up God today and he made some comment about bible thumping. I think hes getting a tad angry. At least he still prays with me. I really neen you guys i feel lost. Much love n thank
Sarah Martinez
Oct 19, 2021
In Daily Prayer Warriors
My husband found out today out of nowhere that his job was ending which was unexpected. Im in shock and disbelief. There may be a way to save his position but it will surely be an uphill battle. On top of that i am recovering from 2 failed eye surgeries that have left only one eye working. I have 3 small boys and my anxiety is crippling every day. They say it may be over 6 months before i can even try another surgery. Now our only source of income is on the line and i feel disabled and helpless and most importantly....hopeless. i need some WAVES to wash over us. Please. I love you

Sarah Martinez

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