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S. Christa Cooper
Aug 13, 2021
In General Discussions
Dear Waves, I'm so grateful to post this here. I’m in need of assistance finding people who could help with the following. I just don’t know anyone or where to look. So thank you for your time in advance. 😉 I’m at a halt as of late on starting my business. I really need to get help with time management and follow through. I’m great coming up with ideas and topics but I’m trying to even find out who I could hire for help. The editing of information and putting it all together is something I need help with. So I’m not getting anything off the ground. I don’t even know who I’d be looking for to assist me. I feel like the person needs to be able to edit and do a few other things that just aren’t my forte so I can keep momentum going on the work I’ve started already. I do a lot of writing and teaching regularly. I can pay for the help. Does anyone have any idea/ suggestions/ referrals? I’d appreciate it. Thanks WAVES. Love you all! 💜 Christa

S. Christa Cooper

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