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I am an NAAP Facilitator. That stands for Neuro Auto Associative Programming. I’ve been searching for years how to facilitate healing from the affects of abuse. I graduated from college in Psychology and English with the purpose being to write and talk about healing and be able to better educate and inspire others to be able to heal themselves with Gods help. I finally found the missing key in NAAP. ( It hadn’t been invented yet while I was in school…. But I have been so blessed to learn abd practice this model. It has brought me closer to The Lord and shows me daily new perspectives while creating understanding, more empathy, and compassion, and acceptance towards myself and others. As Betty has said, if we love God First, and then ourselves, then loving others is what happens next. This model enables that place of authenticity and genuiness to come forth in ourselves so that we can be our best selves and can and increases our ability to serve others. Mostly because we see ourselves from a more eternal perspective and everyone around us from that perspective when we tap into that within ourselves. I always look forward to assisting others in learning the tools this teaches that will enable them with a true freedom of self to fulfill their missions here on earth and get out of their own way. Because unfortunately, we do get in our own way! 😂😜It’s nice to open up the space within ourselves to be able to see more clearly and act more clearly out of love, and See the beauty in everyone around us, and in this great experience that we are here having. I’m grateful to God to be here, and be learning everyday. God bless you all. I’m so grateful to be here with each of you and to feel of your strong spirits and love for The Lord and others. 💜

S. Christa Cooper

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