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Let your light so shine before men that they may see your

good works and glorify your father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

Have you been touched by God's love?

Do you have a miracle you would like to share with others? Perhaps you have had a sacred experience that might bless someone else. Allowing our goodness to ripple into the lives of others brings us closer to the divine and helps to create a spiritual awakening in others. I share these stories and experiences on my website, most under conditions of anonymity, because I know that sharing them will touch hearts and change lives. I hope you'll join me in helping to spread the message of God's love. It is good, as the spirit prompts us, to speak of our spiritual experiences—to bring a witness to others of the kind and loving nature of our Heavenly Father. We are all shepherds to some degree. We are all compelled by the Spirit to seek his truth and do his will, each in our own way, creating waves that overlap others and resonate within their souls, inviting them to do better, to look to God and live life to the fullest with joy.


On Saturday October 14, 2006, I was invited to do the release of a Golden Eagle near Cedar City, Utah. As I prepared to release the eagle and prayed, I felt the heart beat of the eagle against my breast and as it beat with my own heart's rhythm, I felt the eagle’s peace and complete trust—safe, nurtured and loved. He had nestled so deep into my arms he was almost going to sleep. He continue to bow in front of me and stayed until I whispered “Fly precious one, Ogligle! Into the heavens to our Creator, and deliver my prayers to God for me. Amen"

“Ogligle Wakan” means sacred and Holy Messenger in the

Lakota language.This is how Golden Eagle received his name.

A Cherished Memory




Betty's Notes


"When we leave ourselves open to God to learn more about unconditional love, he readily sends us the people we need to learn to love without judgment. Put to the test, our spirits expand with greater love, God's pure love, and it shines brighter within us." —The Awakening Heart, page 159


Reader Q&A

I often get reader questions about the church and religion. I wrote in the Ripple Effect: “Religion is a personal matter. One’s religion, one’s faith and beliefs may be influenced by, or even dictated by, a church or other individuals. But deep down in a person’s heart of hearts, he cannot be dictated to. Each individual spirit claims the freedom to believe for himself. If we were to analyze each person’s deepest beliefs—including assumptions, guesses and hopes—we would never find two people who believe exactly the same thing, even within the same religion." —The Ripple Effect, page 108

Mother and Baby in Autumn

Mother's Prayers

“I saw angels rushing to answer prayers.…I was also told that there is no greater prayer than that of a mother for her children. These are the purest prayers because of their intense desire and, at times, sense of desperation. A mother has the ability to give her heart to her children and to implore mightily before God for them.”—Embraced By The Light, pages 103-104


Heavenly Encounters

“Since writing Embraced By The Light, I have received many letters sharing readers' own near-death experiences or other kinds of spiritual events connected with heaven and the spirit world…It is good, as the spirit prompts us, to speak of our spiritual experiences. To bring a witness to others of the kind and loving nature of our Creator.” —From Betty's Introduction to Heavenly Encounters

Best Friends

Ripple Effects

"I saw myself perform an act of kindness, just a simple act of unselfishness, and I saw the ripples go out again. The friend I had been kind to was kind in turn to one of her friends, and the chain repeated itself. I saw love and happiness increase in others' lives because of that one simple act on my part. I saw their happiness grow and affect their lives in positive ways, some significantly...I felt the love they felt, and I felt their joy." —Embraced By The Light, pages 113-114 

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