Interview with Betty J. Eadie
Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Coast to Coast AM, with George Noory

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GEORGE: And welcome back to Coast to Coast. I'm George Noory with Betty Eadie. Betty, at this point, how long does it take for you then to come back into your physical body? What happens? You're dead, and all of sudden does somebody send you back?

BETTY: I was... while I was there with him, he wanted me to see what exists there for us after we leave this earth. And this is where my experience actually expands and goes on to... I went on to learn that each one of us came to earth by choice, of our own choosing, that we actually chose our parents, and our life situations that we would experience. And we did this so that we would have the spiritual growth that was necessary for us as individuals.

GEORGE: Do you believe in reincarnation?

BETTY: Uh, yes, I believe in reincarnation, but not as we have come to know it here on earth. And, I always believed in reincarnation because that was the only thing that made sense to me before the experience. But during the experience, I actually asked about reincarnation, and I was told that reincarnation upon this earth -- going through life's repeated lives -- would not be necessary for the majority of the people, that there are other worlds that God created, and that our continued education would be best served in those places instead of here.

GEORGE: Interesting. So you do believe, also, then in extraterrestrial life?

BETTY: Yes I do.

GEORGE: Okay. We'll get into that throughout tonight. Okay, so it sounds like there was a method for you, there was reasoning why they wanted you... why he wanted you... to be there. At this point, did you think you were coming back to your physical body at all?

BETTY: Oh, not at all! No. I was "in heaven", so to speak, literally, and it was wonderful, and they showed me around, and I was able to travel from world to world even. And I know that sounds incredible, but I did it nonetheless, and was able to witness life in other worlds.

GEORGE: Now you're talking about witnessing physical life, or spiritual life elsewhere?

BETTY: Well, they seemed to be both. And I knew that our earth, the world that we live in now, right here, that it is just one level of growth, but there are many levels, many universes, many... well, for instance, here just recently, I saw in the news that a new galaxy was formed, and I was taken to many galaxies, that were old, and some new, and some that were yet to be created. It was mind-boggling.

GEORGE: I mean, what are some of the things you experienced? I mean, tell me about... I guess what I'm really excited about, too, is... tell me about the advanced civilizations that they showed you.

BETTY: Well, there are... many of the worlds I was taken to, of course, most of that was taken from my memory. They said it was just too much for me to recall, and to bring back, and so I really cannot describe too much of that to you. Except for that, one exciting point when I was traveling from one universe to another, I heard a tone in the universe... the tone was actually a big B-flat that I identified... and here recently it has been identified... that that tone does exist out there. But unfortunate for our world, the tone in which governs our world is not a very healthy tone. Tones send out vibrations of energy -- often the tone is healing energy, sometimes it is not -- and the tone now that we are experiencing is not one of health.

GEORGE: Does it change?

BETTY: It does change, yes, by the vibration... from the vibration of the earth, and as the people here change, so do the tones.

GEORGE: Okay, so you don't have any recollection of what some of these other places look like.

BETTY: No. No, I don't. I wish I did.

GEORGE: How about how advanced they... I mean, how many years are we talking about ahead of us or behind us? Millions of years in either direction?

BETTY: Yes, I would guess that, yes, absolutely, that would be the case.

GEORGE: So some of them must be way advanced.

BETTY: Some of them are very advanced, some of them are not. It just depends upon, again, the level that people have grown, to apply their spirituality, not just what they've learned... nothing here that we're actually learning here on earth is new, so you can learn everything that you want, or can, about technology, but once you're out of this physical, you realize that everything we have here has been received through inspiration, and has already been created and developed in the spirit world.

GEORGE: Did you come away from this experience, Betty, feeling there's more life in THIS universe, or we're the only ones here, and of course there are other universes?

BETTY: No, I came away knowing that we are just one grain of sand on the beach, and that's about it.

GEORGE: And it's everywhere.

BETTY: And it's everywhere. And that to think outside the box is where we all want to be, because there is... to say there absolutely is not this or that or the other, it's just amazing when you are not here attached to this realm and you experience so much more. Coming back here is a nightmare, as a matter of fact. It was a horrible experience. I did not want to come back.

GEORGE: What made you come back, and why did they send you back, after this experience, they showed you all these things. And did you ever get the message on how this was created? I mean, that's an answer I've been looking for all my life, how it began, how this spiritual world started.

BETTY: The greater picture, no, I didn't, at least I don't ever recall if it was ever told to me. But I actually did witness the creation of the earth. It was shown to me, in that they can take you back in time, pre-earth time, when we were all in this other realm, before the earth was created, and that we volunteered, those of us who are here now, and those before us and those after us, all volunteered to be participants in this particular world. And the creation of the earth was... we all took part in that as well. Many of the people there, the spirit people in the spirit world there, actually helped in the development of all of the animals, the insects, the plant life, everything that exists here was created by spiritual beings.

GEORGE: So you're convinced the spiritual world was way ahead of, and existed before the physical.

BETTY: Oh, it is way ahead.

GEORGE: Okay. Do you believe that the spiritual world -- that's what I'll call it -- was around before the so-called Big Bang of the universe?

BETTY: Yes. Yes I do. And that is mind-blowing too, because, again, it's so difficult to explain. But yes, all of that existed, and we were all a part of that. See, life is eternal; our lives have always been, and will always be; it's just a continuation of growth and expansion. And the Betty you're speaking to right now is not the Betty I am in the spirit world, although I am who I am. I was shocked to see, (laughing) too, that I... it's like taking a portion of who I am there and cramming it into who I am here. It's very difficult to express. And yet, when you leave this earth, you go back to what you have always been, which is expanded into a greatness that is just not conceivable here.

GEORGE: We're stardust, aren't we?


GEORGE: When... when you were learning some of these things -- and again, you're still medically dead -- did you ever get the feeling that there's a hell?

BETTY: No. No I didn't.

GEORGE: Do you believe there is one now?

BETTY: No. No I don't.

GEORGE: So you think that... I mean, what about the devil? Does he exist? Or it?

BETTY: You know, God is our creator, and he created Satan as a source of negativity, something for us to rub up against. It's like an airplane, when an airplane tries to get up off the ground, it needs four energies: lift, thrust, drag, and gravity. We need that same type of energy to grow spiritually. And so the Satan is, of course, all the negativity... it's a matter of perception.

GEORGE: Is it real, though?

BETTY: Oh yes. Very much. Yes, it is real.

GEORGE: See, I'm looking at it in a dimensional way, and I think it's got to be somewhere.

BETTY: Yes. Oh, you mean, is there a hell somewhere?


BETTY: Well, I believe hell is right here on earth. Hell is what we experience. Hell is a cause and effect of negative energy, negative experiences, what we put out there.

GEORGE: Did you ever get the feeling, or the rationale, for why we have a physical world, when this spiritual world appeared to be, at least for you, so enlightening?

BETTY: Yes, I did. Because we can take that which is spiritual and bring it here to expand upon it by experiencing it in a physical way. We only really... It's like going to a university and learning, well, picking up a tremendous amount of knowledge. It's only when you use that knowledge, you internalize it. And so here on this earth, we can experience -- and we all have our own separate education -- and so this is another reason why we are to be very careful not to judge one another as we experience life. Not all people are meant to come here, and become wealthy, or to be healthy, or to be whole, or whatever. I mean, we come with our own particular and perfect form, not only in the flesh, the body that we live in, but also the right frame of mind, the, well... we're perfect for the experience that we need, and when we leave this earth, go back with the education, everything that we came to acquire, then you'll know that you actually succeeded, whereas most people will be looked at through mortal eyes as failures.

GEORGE: What was the message that you got when you were dead?

BETTY: There are many messages that I received there. One message is that, yes, there is a God, and he loves us unconditionally. Another message was, yes, there was a Christ, but Christ is a messenger of love. And yes, there are many religions, but there is no one, perfect religion. That there are many paths to get back to God -- many religions will help people -- but there's really only one path, and that path is through love. And many people misinterpret what Christ's mission was. It wasn't going back to God through him, per se, as it was the message that he brought to us, which is: the pathway is love. We return back to God through love. And I actually had the opportunity to ask about the fears I had, such as going to hell. And I was told that, as a parent -- and I'm a mother of seven -- as a parent, he said, would you abandon any one of your children?

GEORGE: And I'm sure your answer would have been, "No."

BETTY: Absolutely not. And if they made a mistake, or failed in some way, would I curse them, damn them, and send them into outer darkness? And I said, "Absolutely not!" And he said, "Then how much greater am I than you?" And I said, "Pretty great."

GEORGE: And he said, "Absolutely not!"

BETTY: (laughing) He said, "Absolutely not!"

GEORGE: No, I didn't die with you, Betty.

BETTY: No, you didn't die with me, but you got the plan.

GEORGE: Knock on wood, right? But somehow I don't think you're afraid to die anymore, are you?

BETTY: I'm not afraid to die at all, because life really truly does begin after this life, although you would not want to commit suicide. I warn people, do not take your life. This life is so worth living. What I came back with was a tremendous meaning for living. I came back knowing that...

GEORGE: Well, tell me about this. I mean, nobody would want to recommend suicide, and, as Catholics, we were always taught that if you commit suicide, you go to hell. You, of course, have just said there is no hell. What happens to that person who decides to end their own life?

BETTY: I actually asked about that, and... God judges according to the heart. He explained to me that people who commit suicide, or any other act that is horrid, are people who are dysfunctional; they have mutated -- their souls mutated somewhere along the line, perhaps even at birth, perhaps genetic problems. You know, we are not to judge, only He can judge. But that to condemn someone to hell is the greater sin, which is something we should never, ever do.

GEORGE: Is life... Did you come away, though, feeling that life, Betty, was precious?

BETTY: Very precious. Life is precious. Every breath you take is a gift from God. Every breath. And anything that you can do to help one other soul is worth millions and millions and millions of dollars if you had to put it in our human... you know... rewards. And that could be one simple act of kindness. Just even a smile. I was shocked, because I hadn't really done too much on earth to, well, to help people. I grew up very dysfunctional, angry, bitter -- I was kind; I hadn't committed too many sins -- but those things were not what God was interested in. My mortal sins were not interesting to him at all. What he was interested in was actually my spiritual growth. What did I do of kindness, of good? How much love did I have for my family, for those who were not family, who didn't do good things for me?

GEORGE: Would you consider yourself, before you died, Betty, a good person?

BETTY: Umm.. [only] okay. I don't know that I was, well...

GEORGE: Nothing to write home about, huh?

BETTY: (laughing) Nothing to write home about is right. Yes. In fact, I saw my light... you know, I was traveling toward the brighter light, I could see that my spirit body had a dim glow about it, and it was later, years later, just a few years ago, not too many years, maybe seven or so, I came home off a tour, I was exhausted, laying in bed, and I saw a little night-light that I had plugged into the wall. And I thought, "Oh my God, that is how dim my light was when I came to the light in heaven." I crawled out of bed, unplugged it, crawled into the bathroom, turned on the greater light to look at it -- it was seven watts of light. I hope and pray that, after my return here to earth, that I have increased my love to a greater wattage than seven lousy watts of light.

GEORGE: (laughing) We'll be back in a moment with Betty Eadie, my guest. Gotta find out, Betty, how you came back into your physical body, and what it was like.

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GEORGE: Indeed, with my guest Betty Eadie. She died. Let me tell you a little bit about a couple of her books, her website: "Embraced by the Light", "The Awakening Heart". Her website, of course, is, which is linked up with It's there right now, if you want to go ahead and take a look at some of things she has done, when she died. She's participated, by the way, in a lot of near-death studies. We'll talk with her about that as well. Plus, the most important thing: I want to find out how she was sent back to the physical plane.

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