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He Lives

Listen to Sandi Patty sing“They Could Not” and read the lyrics that are so precious to me and will touch your heart and witness to you that the Savior Lives! Then listen to my own witness of the Savior Jesus Christ and know that he loves each of us unconditionally as he loved me.

They Could Not

by Sandi Patty

They looked at Him and

Saw a simple man

A carpenter with healing in His hands

They saw Him calm a sea and

Heal a dying man

They saw but could they really understand

They could not, They could not.

Though they tried, they could not

He was just a simple carpenter but with

healing in His hands

But could they really understand,

they could not

They listened to the teaching that they heard

They wondered at the mystery of His word

They wondered what He meant,

about a Father's plan

They heard but could they really understand