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The Gift of a Grateful Heart

The Gift of a Grateful Heart

...finding gratitude even when God seems far away

My Dearest Friends,

I'm extremely thankful to have a close and trusting relationship with my Heavenly Father; it comforts me when everything looks bleak. Even when struggling, I know he is still there though sometimes I may feel far away from him at the time. I am sure the reason for this is to choose a grateful heart no matter what, just like I choose to love—no matter what the day brings, love and gratitude are always what I hope to choose and attempt to live up to.No matter our human frailties or weaknesses may loom at the time, we can always choose to be grateful and we can always choose to love!

It may sound redundant and we all remember as children being told, "When you grow up, you'll understand…" Even so, the truth is this: When we leave this earth—we will have grown our own spirit; and we will understand the eternal value of our mortal struggles—all of them! And this is what I think about while I "grit my teeth" and go through whatever is troubling me. Hold on to your faith—especially when struggling!

Since my return from my NDE, I miss the wonders of heaven and the incomparable joy of being in the Savior's presence. I have seen great struggles and have spent many days literally walking through my house, usually while cleaning in an attempt to be useful, yet with all my heart seeking comfort and strength by thinking of things to be grateful for and whispering, "Thank you Lord for my health, for my physical strength and ability, thank you Lord for my family, I'm so grateful for all you give." Darkness is kept at bay while I think of things to be thankful for and soon my heart begins to swell with the magnificence of God's hand in my life.

“I also understood the importance of thanking God for the things we receive. Gratitude is an eternal virtue. In humility we must ask, and in gratitude we should receive. The more we thank God for the blessings we receive, the more we open the way for further blessings. His desire to bless us is full to overflowing. If we will open our hearts and minds to receive his blessings, we too will be filled to overflowing. We will know that he lives.” —Embraced By The Light - page 107