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Searching For Meaning

From Chapter 2 of The Ripple Effect

I was always looking for the missing pieces in my life, not knowing what it was that was missing...

A great awakening has begun. People around the world are opening their eyes to their own spiritual natures. They are beginning to see who they truly are and what they have always been—beings with eternal pasts and glorious futures. In my near death experience I was told the Awakening would happen soon, and I am deeply grateful that Embraced By The Light and The Awakening Heart have played a part in it. Many readers have written suggesting that this was my mission in life—to help create this Awakening through my books and lectures. I can now accept this as part of my mission, but I know that my entire mission is not complete; Jesus promised me that I would be taken home as soon as it was done. As long as there is life, God wants us to do more.

Our individual missions are important, whether we are to reach out to millions or, like the drunken man I saw in my experience, to reach only one. God may make our missions known to us, or he may not. Regardless, they are still our works to be done—works we helped plan and agreed to perform before we came here.


If we are here to love fully, to expand and to magnify our lives, what is the purpose? How will these things help or hinder us on the other side? Were we not content to stay in heaven with God and be near him? Why would we choose to be here when we could be safe and happy in heaven with God and all our friends?

Searching for meaning in this life is often painful, especially when experiencing a tragedy or crisis. I am often asked why, if we already had the answers in our prior existence, do we have to come to earth to search for them? The following letter provides a few answers to these universal questions.

I fi