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Will I recognize my loved ones after I die?

“Our bonds with loved ones continue after death as they began long before birth. The love between us is eternal and does not cease simply because we cannot see the departed. Those who have passed to the other side are very much alive—more so than ever—and they are able to comfort us and send us their love.” —The The Ripple Effect, page 190

Many want to know if they will see their deceased loved ones again. Death is but a transition where heaven and earth come together. Though loss is felt here, a new birth in heaven is attended with excitement and joy as a beloved family member returns home from their journey in mortality. We recognize our loved ones not only by their physical appearance, but by their "presence" as well—that identity that emanates one's true nature. We recognize each other and with great joy! When my father appeared to me a year after he passed away, I recognized him instantly, though he appeared much younger than I had become used to seeing him. I was assured with perfect clarity that, not only was he back home, but mindful of me and helping me when needed.

“You too can take comfort in knowing that your family members—perhaps from many generations back—are aware of you and are guiding you at times with unseen hands. God shares out the work of raising and watching over his children. His work occurs at many levels to ensure we are never alone. Knowledge of his plan tells us that our deceased loved ones are indeed our loved ones still. Though our mother, father, child, sister or brother may die, our love for them does not. By this we know that the bonds of love do extend between earth and heaven. By this we have hope and even assurance that family connections are enduring, even eternal.” —The Ripple Effect, page 199

Yes, our families and our loved ones are forever!

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