Before & After my NDE

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"Compelling and infinitely reassuring, my vivid account of the afterlife will

  give you a glimpse of the peace and unconditional love that await us all."




"The most profound and detailed near death experience ever recorded"


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Messages from the Spirit World


Embraced By The Light is an account of my experience with death and the amazing journey that took me into the spirit-world, and into Heaven. What I share in the book, and here on this site, is what I learned there. I was given the meaning and purpose of life to share with all who will hear it, that all might bless with a greater understanding of God and hope without fear. When overcoming fear, there is comfort through life's hardships, death and the loss of loved ones. But, most important what is shared, is the knowledge of God's eternal love for us all, and his powerful, unmistakable message:


“Above all else, love one another” 

When we’re hurting it is comforting to hear the voice of someone who cares and understands. Having experienced the passing of my husband of 50 years, my mother and father as well the passing of siblings and an infant daughter—I know what it feels like to need comfort from loss. What helps me through is turning to God as well as to the comfort of others. Here you will find my audio books with this in mind. My books are read by me, for you. My desire is comfort you and give you hope that life does not end when we die, and that one day me will be with our loved ones again. God bless you as you heal from your loss. And may you find everlasting joy in our Savior's love.