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Do you have any insights on God's view of homosexuality?

My question concerns homosexuality. Due to my Christian upbringing, I have struggled with my identity as a gay person my entire life. Do you have any insight on this subject?

My heart goes out to all who are treated less than lovingly and who battle the pain of condemnation from others. I was not shown gay people in heaven because in heaven our Father’s children are not divided. There are no separations based upon race, religion, political affiliation or even sexual preference. Our place in heaven is not based on such things. We go where we are happiest and most comfortable, where we can best serve and this is based upon our spiritual growth and not the things of this world. Thus I have little to share on this subject as it relates to the spirit world, however, I do have a dear friend whom I call Will who is gay and whom I share about in the chapter, “The Courage to Live” in The Awakening Heart, pages 159-170:

When we leave ourselves open to God to learn more about unconditional love, he readily sends us the people we need to learn to love without judgment. Sometimes our existing love is tested just so that we can see how unconditional it is. Put to the test without failure, our spirits expand with greater love, God’s pure love, and it shines brighter within us.

Before Will told me he was gay, I grew to love him deeply and considered him one of my close friends. I remember the night that he nervously revealed this and my answer to him:

“Will, you are God’s creation, just like me and everyone else,” I offered my assurance.

“Exactly,” he replied…”I’ve thought and prayed about this a lot, and I know in my heart God made me this way.”

Will had suffered self-loathing, fear that he was unworthy to God and had struggled deeply with his sexual orientation before coming to realize that God loved him just as he loves everyone else. As Will shared his pain with me, I was filled with love for him.