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Don't Be Fooled By Appearances

In 2008 I received an organ transplant. On the 2nd day I was rushed back into surgery as I had contracted septicemia, a blood infection. Left alone it would have killed me within hours. The surgeon had to reopen me and wash out my insides. It was a double whammy on my body, and I was very groggy from the drugs and weak from having to return to O.R. for a second operation.

On the third day I was in ICU and became aware of the most wonderful music in my head, only it was completely filling my body as well. A beautiful lady—the most beautiful woman I have ever come across—had her cheek next to mine, slowly massaging my face. I was totally taken up and away and was only aware of this wonderful music and the beautiful angel.

I recognized this love and acceptance that I had felt the day before during my surgery. During my surgery the day before, I felt a love like no other! I will never forget what it was like being brought face to face with God. Only there had been no faces or specific people, just a feeling as if we were all balls of brilliant energy—like sparklers. God conveyed meaning to me without words...when he touches your heart, you just "know" and "feel" the incredible amount of love emanating from the divine force. I felt this love again on the third day while in ICU when I felt the beautiful lady touching my cheek that I know was an angel. When I woke up, I noticed a nurse standing where the beautiful lady had been. She was quite plain, ordinary even and perhaps somewhat homely compared to the beautiful angel. Yet she locked her eyes right with mine and at that point I understood clearly and exactly what God was trying to tell me! There is beauty in everything, no matter what the physical appearances may be. With her mind she told me she was an angel sent to watch over me. She fixed her gaze at me again as she walked out of the room. I was in ICU for 2 more weeks and never saw that nurse again. I am convinced that God wanted me to experience his word. Beauty is everywhere, don't be fooled by appearances. It has given me a whole new perspective on my relationships with others. I'm becoming more forgiving, and always looking for the good, not the bad in people. I'll never forget my beautiful angel touching my cheek. 6 years later I still can picture her beautiful face, as well as her earthly face as the nurse. I turned my life over to Jesus and today I'm playing in our church worship band. I never thought I'd be able to do that. I've seen one son get married and have 2 children, plus my daughter had a child and my stepdaughter had another child. Hallelujah Jesus! I am a friend of God!

Kevin H.

Topeka, Kansas