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Mum's Death Gave Me Life

My mum fell very sick on May this year. I will never forget that dreadful day of May 1st, 2016 when she got admitted to ICU. The following Wednesday, doctors told us her survival was slim as they couldn't determine what was stopping her from coming out of a coma.

That night was my first encounter with God. I cried and begged that my mum wouldn't die. In clear words, I saw this sentence, "Mum won't die today." In my spirit I asked, "What?" and was shown the number 75.

The following Saturday, when we went to see mum, she looked very calm and at peace (not hysterical as she was when we admitted her). I told her that we were waiting for her, that we were praying and she will come home. She shook her head "no" and pointed in front. I couldn't see anything. We thought she wanted water, she didn't. She wanted us to see what she was seeing. However, she looked so fresh and young we thought she was healing and would be discharged soon. That evening around 10 pm as I was sitting at my aunt's place pondering on mum, I suddenly felt as if she called out my name. I broke down into uncontrollable tears. There was an unexplained restlessness in my soul. Around 10.30 pm, I got a call from the hospital telling us mum had passed away. The date on my phone was 7/5/2016. I was too distraught to go to the hospital so my aunt and sister went. They came back to tell me mum looked radiant and had a smile on her face. I couldn't believe it until I saw her at her funeral. She was the most beautiful corpse I had ever seen. Her age seemed to have decreased from 60 to 40's, she still had that slight smile and there was radiance on her face. She was so much at peace.

I kept praying asking God to give one hint that mum was in heaven, that I missed her so much I wanted to see her once.

For a week, no reply came, no dreams came. The following Saturday, my sis and I were alone at home. I cried myself to sleep around 2 am. At around 3.30 am I felt a cold hand on my shoulder trying to wake me up. Immediately I started rebuking this spirit being and as she moved away with a jerk, I heard someone saying, "You can't get to her that way. Come I will show you another way." Immediately after hearing this I had a dream. I was in the lobby of a hotel no less than a paradise and someone said to me, "She is here." I saw mum in a flowing robe looking as excited as a little child. She was beautiful as an angel. She had long black hair and looked to be in her 30's. She said she was so happy and there was so much to do. She said they were waiting for her and that she had to go. As the dream finished, for the first time in 2 weeks, I slept peacefully.

I have had many dreams of her after that. Some so vivid I will never forget them. Every dream has brought me closer to Jesus. I used to be a lukewarm Christian. However after every dream, my life kept changing dramatically. As I saw mum on her deathbed, I came to realize that this world is futile. We came with nothing and will go with nothing. I started reading the Bible more, I started hating worldly things, I repented of all my sins and as I go into prayer daily I have realized God is stripping me off weaknesses and making me holier. As I started ministering to people at work, I started facing persecutions. My best friends went against me. My husband makes fun of me. I felt extremely sick for a week and half. Amidst all these, mum kept visiting me in dreams encouraging me to carry on. I have dreamt of the antichrist and the persecutions Christians will face in the near future. Each dream brought humility and peace in my life.

My last encounter was last Sunday. I dreamt mum was walking amidst a group of people. I approached her and asked why she was here and not in heaven. She said she came to visit for 2 weeks with a message for me. She told me to stop worrying about her and concentrate on fighting the good fight of faith. She said she was very happy and that everyone in heaven was very nice and looked after her very well. She said she had to go first and prepare to welcome me. I asked her if I was going to heaven and she said, yes, my name was in the book of Life. I asked her when and she answered soon. Immediately after that I dreamt of a one year-old baby excitedly telling me she could see Jesus in my room. As I asked for his interpretation, God's message to me was that I am no more an orphan, I am the child of a Living God. My Lord, Jesus, is always with me, 24/7. I don't need to see him to believe. I have felt awesome peace after that. I know I am heaven bound to see my Savior and mum very soon.

My old self has died and behold, I am a new being! I am born again and my God is not dead.  


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