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How can I find strength when my life is so difficult?

“Through prayer we bring life to our souls. Not only do we open ourselves to an increased endowment of God’s love and light, but we also call down the powers of heaven to overcome trials. In sending up a desperate cry for help, we call angels down to our sides to fight for our cause by adding their energy to ours. By sincerely seeking wisdom, we open ourselves to impressions which can come immediately or at odd moments and provide keys of knowledge which unlock doors of opportunity. By offering heartfelt gratitude and praise to God, we open up space in our lives for new blessings.”

—The Ripple Effect, page 95

I was distinctly told that all prayers of desire are heard and answered. When we have great need, or when we are praying for other people, the beams project straight from us and are immediately visible. . . .We all have the ability, however, to reach God with our prayers.

Embraced By The Light, page 104

People often ask me how to pray. Any form of prayer gives us personal moments with God. Even our thoughts can be prayers, especially when we have emotion attached. The words we speak affect the energy around us and so our prayers spoken aloud are powerful. However, silent prayers are heard too and can even progress to a state of continual focus on God. Christ encouraged us to “pray without ceasing,” which is when our hearts are so connected to God that they always hold a prayer. There are times, when whatever the state of our physical being, our soul can be on its knees in prayer.

“God knows beforehand what we need, but he wants us to grow by exercising our spiritual strength and constantly seeking his help in the face of opposition. The world may tell us to rely on our own egos and talents. Satan may tell us there is no God. Our own consciences weaken us with accusations of unworthiness. If we are going to pray effectively we must exercise faith sufficient to blast through these doubts and speak to our Father who is waiting patiently and lovingly for us to reach out.”

—The Awakening Heart, page 97

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