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How do we know what is inspired by God?

Religion is a personal matter. One’s religion, one’s faith and beliefs may be influenced by, or even dictated by, a church or other individuals. But deep down in a person’s heart of hearts, he cannot be dictated to. Each individual spirit claims the freedom to believe for himself. If we were to analyze each person’s deepest beliefs—including assumptions, guesses and hopes—we would never find two people who believe exactly the same thing, even within the same religion. The Ripple Effect, page 108

No two religions interpret the Bible the same way either. It is up to us to prayerfully “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me” (John 5:39).

God is no respecter of persons and he will reveal his truths to us as we earnestly seek him. The Bible was a wonderful resource when I wrote Embraced By The Light Prayers & Devotions for Daily Living. I was able to use my favorite Bible verses as I composed each day's devotion. In my Author’s Note I give some help for prayerfully studying the Bible:

In reading the Bible verses, study their connections to the theme for that day. Be open to meanings, which may add new perspective to your traditional Bible learning. After my near-death experience, the Bible became a great lifesaver for me—more so than anyone could imagine. The Bible became my daily breath, my nearness to God, and a touchstone for my soul. Meanings that had been hidden or unclear to me before, suddenly became clear. As I applied what I learned in the spirit world, I felt excitement and surges of energy that held me captive to the Bible. I was amazed that, while I had read the Bible many times from cover to cover, I had never really understood it at all! With the knowledge and understanding that I received in heaven, the Bible came alive to me for the first time. Its writings were more heartfelt, more substantial, and more comprehendible. I could see that I had taken the Bible too literally and without spirit before. I still read and re-read it with delight! I have studied it and underlined so many verses that I had to purchase a new book just for unobstructed reading!

While it is not my purpose or desire to compare Embraced By The Light or my other writings to the Bible for scripture comparison, I most assuredly and prayerfully consider the Bible as my second source—next to God and what he has blessed me to experience and to know—as a measuring stick for all that I share. When aligned with his Spirit, I find nothing lacking, and I am at peace.

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