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Is there reincarnation? Do we return to earth?

Dearest Betty,
Could you please explain reincarnation? I’ve been told that we come back here repeatedly for the same painful lessons. I don’t want to be stuck here over and over!

There is a form of reincarnation but not as we understand it here. It’s like a lot of our understandings. We receive a little bit, and then because we are human, we try to make sense out of something we know very little about. We are evolving beings, each experience of life takes us to greater understanding and knowledge. But our Heavenly Father created many worlds. This world is but one, a “drop in the ocean” of his many wondrous creations!

I was told that reincarnation is simply not as we know it to be, we do not come back to this earth for repeated lives until we get it “right.” Some people get so caught up in pursuing past lives that they waste the precious opportunity of this life. —From Embraced By The Light, page 93:

I also learned that we do not have repeated lives on this earth; when we seem to “remember” a past life, we are actually recalling memories contained in the cells.

There are those who do return to this world when it serves our Heavenly Father’s purposes and they come back as teachers.

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ali rashidi
ali rashidi
12 juin 2023

Hello, I have a question that I would be happy to answer. What is the purpose of living and the purpose of creating creatures? I think we were created for knowledge and perfection. Is our little and short life in one life enough for knowledge and evolution?

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