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Will we all see Jesus when we experience our death?

Only God knows for sure. I've read many letters and accounts of those who had a near-death experience and visited heaven as I did. Some did not believe in Jesus before their experience—yet met him anyway and recognized him immediately. Others did believe in Jesus while here but met someone else. We must trust our Heavenly Father's plan and will.

I remember one reader wrote to tell me of his Near Death Experience where he entered the Light, and found himself in the arms of a great big teddy bear. As funny as this sounds, this is what his spirit needed for comfort. I was told by Jesus that we all will be greeted with comfort that matches our belief system.

I believe we will all meet Jesus eventually. In the mean time, until our appointed time in this life is complete—we can reach for greater understanding of our Savior and his teachings. We can prayerfully replace our fears with trust in God and his will for us, knowing he is over all things and has the perfect plan for us. As we gain greater knowledge of God's unconditional love and eternal plan for his children, we will find our fears begin to dissipate and can look forward to the time when we are blessed to meet Jesus.

"Of all knowledge, however, there is none more essential than knowing Jesus Christ. I was told that he is the door through which we will all return. He is the only door through which we can return. Whether we learn of Jesus Christ here or while in the spirit, we must eventually accept him and surrender to his love."

—Embraced By The Light, page 85

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