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A Miracle Child

We have always referred to my four year old son, Elijah, as our miracle child. I will never forget what happened to him on that day back in January 2008 when he was two months old. The day started out normal and I was scheduled for an interview at 6:00 in the evening but my baby had been running a fever earlier in the day. I had cared for him and he seemed fine. Later, around 5:30, he became congested. I followed the Advice Nurse’s suggestion to put him in his car seat in the bathroom and turn the shower on so that the shower mist would make him breathe easier. This worked and so I was at ease.

I left him with my husband and went outside to catch the bus to my interview. Funny thing was that the bus did not show up. I ran back into the house to call my sister for a ride. When I got into the house I saw that my baby was wheezing and his breathing was shallow.

I grabbed him and ran to the hospital. The doctors were amazed I even made it there. They told me that Elijah had the R.S.V. disease and that his chances of survival were less than 3%. I prayed out to God, and asked him to please let my baby live. I asked him to take me instead. I would have given the world to have him stay alive. His breathing became worse, and then it seemed hopeless.

God must have been in that room because when the doctor's were telling us to prepare for the end, I remained calm. My whole family gathered around his hospital crib and formed a prayer chain. My pastor was at his side and put his hands on my son's tiny little face. Through my tears I looked up, and saw that the numbers on the monitor were going up. He was going to make it! Praise God! The power of prayer is very real, and I will forever be thankful for my little miracle. Today, Elijah is a happy, healthy, four year-old boy!


Sacramento, California

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