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A Special Prayer from Zen

I have endometriosis with massive pelvic adhesions and because of this problem, I accepted the verdict of 95% infertility after having surgery. Despite this prognosis, I never stopped praying and asking for two daughters that I really wished to have. My faith is very strong that miracles happen and God Almighty answers prayers in His own time.

After 10 years, one Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were in the church when I received a text message that a healthy baby girl was born early that day and asking if I was interested to take her. She needed a home.

It was a Christ The King Sunday six years ago. This coming November 21 is Christ The King Sunday again. I now have a six years old smart, beautiful, very loving daughter. She is very precious to me and my husband. She is a gift from God.

In April, five months after my first daughter was born, another little girl needed to survive from a premature birth. We accepted her, loved her and provided for her the best care we could offer. She is now a five-year-old healthy, vibrant, happy child and they both are legally ours!

I firmly believe that God listens and answers prayers if it will be for our best interest. I believe in miracles. I believe in a very Loving Eternal Father. My husband and I now have two priceless angels on earth that God entrusted to our care as His precious children... our two sweet and loving daughters!


Martinez, California

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