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Expecting the Unexpected

About two years after getting married, my husband and I happily found out we were expecting a baby only to have it end up in a miscarriage. Then again, expecting another baby within the same year, we were elated all over again. However, early into the pregnancy I began to be very ill constantly. I had developed what they thought to be a chicken egg-size tumor close to my developing baby.

It needed to be removed, if not, it would cause me to lose another baby. If removed, I'd have a high chance that I'd loose the baby.

I was sent home and more test were to be done the next week with decisions to be made for how the Doctor would treat me. I was so upset. I prayed so hard and long. I visualized God's healing spirit to dissolve that tumor away. I prayed not only for healing but to become a mother to a very special baby that needed me.

The next week I went in for the test. The Doctor looked at the ultrasound then called in another Doctor. They could not see the tumor that had been on all the previous ultrasounds. The Doctor was baffled and had not seen this happen before. He finally just said he must have been mistaken and it must have been a fluid-filled cyst that absorbed back into my body.

Months later I gave birth full term to a truly special baby. My baby was born with some special needs (she was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate) but I know this special baby was meant to come to me to be her mother. I got my special baby and she has taught me so much. She is now a teenager and I always remind myself when the “teen drama” starts that I got exactly what I prayed for and I am so thankful to be her mother!


Janesville, Wisconsin

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