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A Sign From My Mother

Today's date is June 9, 2012. My mother died January 31, 2008. For the last two weeks I have felt an inner prompting that would not let up, to search for better understanding of near death experiences. I could not understand why this drive was so strong. So, I went to Youtube to listen to those willing to talk about them. While searching there, I found several videos interviewing Betty Eadie. I was mesmerized by her words, her graceful demeanor and the love in her heart. I am also of Native American heritage and was especially touched.

Throughout my life, I have experienced unusual messages from what I call, "the other side." Each one has transformed me in a positive, spiritual way but today was exceptional. One of the Youtube videos of Betty listed her website url, and so I clicked and landed there. What a beautiful, loving site but one of the Heavenly Encounters stories absolutely blew me away. Since my mother's death, I have been racked with sorrow and pain over how she died. Here lifeless eyes open and vacant, heart racing for an hour as if she were running some final life pounding race at 88. I stayed by her side until the end.

I have not been able to shake my sorrow. How could this wonderful, wonderful woman have to suffer this type of ending? It has haunted me, until today.

While on Betty's site I was drawn, compelled (pushed?!) to read the Heavenly Encounters stories. Skimming the titles, my eyes stopped at "A Sign from Mother." There I read a story of a family whose mother had experienced something very similar to mine and how horrible they felt that she had to live through dying that kind of death. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read the final paragraph - their mother's clock had stopped 30 minutes before (8:30) the time of her declared death (9:00), a sign from their mother to let them know when she had truly passed. Their pain and guilt were released and so was mine!

On this Saturday in June there was no earthly reason that I should be driven to Betty's site; I didn't even know it existed. There was no earthly reason that I should be compelled to read about NDEs. And, eventually, find this parallel story. Yet, in my heart I know, it was a sign from MY mother. She was letting me know she had not been in her body during that final hour of her death and she wanted me to finally, finally - let go of the sorrow and pain.

Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Betty.

Love, Stephanie Rose

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