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God's Miracle of Healing

God is amazing! I grew up knowing about him. My mom always tells me that there's no one that can help me as much as he can. I have always prayed and one way or another he has always helped me.

Recently my daughter became ill. I took her to two different hospitals but no one could help her or make her feel better. So I prayed and I prayed so much for God to make my daughter better. I said I would give anything in return.

God did heal my daughter. Only he knows the pain I was going thru. Only he knows how much I love my daughter. I will forever be grateful he made her better and she is healthy now and back to being the happy child she is.

There are not words that can explain how happy and thankful I am. God is our Father and I promise to tell my daughter when she is older what a miracle she is and what God has done for her.

God bless you all.


Los Angels, California

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