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Jesus Kept His Promise

At the time of my miraculous event, I was pregnant and at a Mind, Body Spirit Convention taking a class. In the meditation, our Guardian Angels guided us to receive information. My vision was of myself in the Maternity Triage at the hospital. I could see myself, feel that I was very worried about my situation and wondering if I was going to have my baby early (32 wks.) or possibly lose her. This vision terrified me!

After the convention, I took some intuitive development classes near my home. During this one particular meditation, we were told to go straight to the top, meaning to God or Jesus to receive our guidance.

So, I prayed and told God about my vision and asked for his help. I immediately saw Jesus with my daughter in his arms! He said "Do not worry. I will protect your daughter." I felt immediate peace.

After this miracle, I had a difficult pregnancy. I had Preeclampsia/toxemia issues (high blood pressure), developed Gestational Diabetes and had a kidney stone causing a severe kidney infection in which I almost died! (I had 3 bags of antibiotics on my IV pole & went home with more, and with morphine. But it put me into labor and so I was given more drugs to stop labor. I then developed another infection and was given more antibiotics that led to an emergency C-Section at 36 weeks!

During this time, I had passing thoughts of how all these drugs could negatively affect my baby. I asked the doctors about it and they told me that during a life saving effort, they will focus on saving the mother rather than the fetus. But, I always had this peace about me, knowing from that vision I had with Jesus, that HE was holding my daughter in his arms, keeping her perfectly safe. Today, she is perfectly healthy and almost 3 years-old. I never lost my faith, and Jesus kept his promise, as he always does!

I am truly blessed!

Missy S.

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