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What is it like in heaven? What does it look like?

Betty, what's it like in heaven?

People often ask me about heaven. Especially after the death of a loved one, they wonder what it’s like to be in heaven.

Outside the room a glorious vista of mountains and valleys and rivers captivated me. The scene was filled with life and color and passion. I have heard the phrase “the mountains will sing at His coming.” In heaven the mountains sing endlessly. Everything has energy and tone and love. Everything is alive and alert and full of joy.

If you want a taste of heaven’s radiance, find the most serene and beautiful place you can. Reflect on it for a while and then imagine that it’s only a colorless photo negative of what is real in heaven. Gradually the faintest idea of heaven’s splendor will come through.

–The Ripple Effect, page 8

We all yearn to feel a portion of God’s love and the beauty that fills everything in heaven. It is comforting to know that we will return to our Heavenly Home when our missions here on earth are completed, and to know that as loved ones depart, that the love of the Savior awaits all.

Heaven in all its glory could be summed up in one word: Christ. He is the light of creation, the joy of all life, and above all, the deepest love of our souls. To embrace him is to embrace the meaning of life and the eternal power of God.

–The Ripple Effect, page 13

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