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For 19 years, I shared the knowledge from my NDE with family, friends, and small groups. Then in 1991, Embraced by the Light was published and book tours followed. What followed was hundreds of radio and magazine interviews, television appearances and speaking engagements.

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Keeping Up with the Kardasians

Kim starts a book club and selects Embraced By The Light as the first offering 


Embraced was published in 1992, over 25 years ago, so you can imagine my delight when I realized that this message would be introduced to a new generation. I was touched by Kim's comments after our meeting. "Today was such a good day! I spoke to my favorite author @BettyJEadie. This comment made my soul smile, "I feel so enlightened by our convo!" she shared with her followers. "I've read her book Embraced by the Light, that is about her near death experience & it's helped me live my life in such a full way."


Art Bell  •  WQBH  •  Detroit 9/9/99

Near Death Experiences & Research with International Best-Selling Author Betty J. Eadie

I chose to lead with this interview from 1999 because these topics are even more relevant to the world today than they were some 25 years ago. In this interview I share insights on: what Neurosurgeons say about NDE’s; how we are beyond the point of denying what we don’t understand; how God created many, many worlds, and that this earth is not the only place that is inhabited; how our cells have memories of everything that ever existed; and who Satan is and what his energy is. And most importantly, since God is love—and NOT fear—if your church or religion is holding you in fear, discrimination, or threatening you with promise of hell—it is NOT of God.

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