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Art Bell  •  WQBH  •  Detroit 9/9/99

Near Death Experiences & NDE Research with International Best-Selling Author Betty J. Eadie

I chose to lead with this interview from 1999 because these topics are even more relevant to the world today than they were 20 years ago. In this interview I share insights on: what Neurosurgeons say about NDE’s; how we are beyond the point of denying what we don’t understand; how God created many, many worlds, and that this earth is not the only place that is inhabited; how our cells have memories of everything that ever existed; and who Satan is and what his energy is. And most importantly, since God is love—and NOT fear—if your church or religion is holding you in fear, discrimination, or threatening you with promise of hell—it is NOT of God.


True North  •  WJJD Chicago  •  Dec 10, 2017

Betty J. Eadie Covers a Wide Variety of Topics 

In this interview I share insights on: how it is impossible to love a god that would throw you in hell and punish you; how we pre-existed with God before the creation of the world; how heaven is like going back home to people you’ve loved for eternity, and many more topics.

Simplicity radio.jpg

Simplicity | BlogTalk Radio with Brian Treybig  •  February 7, 2014

Simplicity Welcomes Author Betty J. Eadie

Nothing in my life had prepared me for what happened when I experienced my death. Raymond Moody coined the phrase "Near Death Experience (NDE)," but those of us who have had the experience know that we didn’t 'nearly die', we actually died. They call it near death because the people having these experiences are back here on earth now. I died, and have never doubted that. Since my NDE I have met thousands of people around the world who have also experienced their death, like I did, and have come back and reported what they saw beyond. Hear more on this interesting BlogTalk.


We Don’t Die  •  Episode 22

Episode 22 NYT Bestseller Betty J. Eadie

At the time of your death there will be no pain. There is pain in staying, and pain in recovering, but no pain in your actual death. I was told that everyone will need to go through a life review—because it’s through your life review that you see the harm that you’ve done and the good that you've done. You experience everything that you’ve ever lived. I experienced some of the wrongs I had done to others, and believe me, it wasn’t pleasurable at all. At the end of the life review everyone then gets to experience the 'ripple effect' of all of their positive actions, which in contrast is very pleasurable.


Our World in Agony

A five part interview 

A rare interview where you can hear me talk about the current state of our world; our families and the dysfunction that has been passed down; childhood abuse and what we are passing to our children and how all can be healed with love; and how to reverse the negativity that surrounds us. I  also share again much of my own Near Death Experience, my visit in the heavenly garden, meeting Jesus, the "heavenly place", and much more.

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