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Keeping Up with the Kardasians

Kim starts a book club and selects Embraced By The Light as the first offering 


Embraced was published in 1992, over 25 years ago, so you can imagine my delight when I realized that this message would be introduced to a new generation. I was touched by Kim's comments after our meeting. "Today was such a good day! I spoke to my favorite author @BettyJEadie. This comment made my soul smile, "I feel so enlightened by our convo!" she shared with her followers. "I've read her book Embraced by the Light, that is about her near death experience & it's helped me live my life in such a full way."



Betty does a featurette on the Dragonfly DVD


In 2002, Universal Studios asked me to endorse and help publicize the film,"Dragonfly," directed by Tom Shadyac and starring Kevin Costner. My involvement included traveling to New York to participate in the film's press junket and the filming of a special featurette for the eventual DVD release of "Dragonfly."The featurette appears with the bonus material on the DVD, lending a spirit of credibility and insight regarding near-death and after-death topics which are central to the film's storyline. This film deals with what I know is possible regarding our loved ones who have passed on. It does this in a more realistic way than any other movie I have seen to date. It is entertaining, yes, but as you look past its dramatization, it is also educational.


The Oprah Winfrey Show

Near Death Experiences

After Embraced By The Light hit it's 30th week on the Top 10 New York Times Best Seller List, it caught the attention of Oprah. This interview is from 1993, and also includes Elizabeth Taylor who shares her own NDE experience. Even though this is an old broadcast, I wanted to include it because you can see first hand what a rare thing it was to discuss an NDE just 25 years ago. To put the decade into context, I instinctively knew that mentioning technology I had been shown in the spirit world in 1973—like a smart iPad or liquid screens was something that would alienate the audience and prompt suspicion. There was more I could not tell.

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Kathy Lee Crosby

Embraced By The Light Infomercial


This segment of actress Cathy Lee Crosby's 2001 infomercial features Embraced By The Light and was filmed in my living room. Cathy talks about and reads an excerpt from my 3rd book The Ripple Effect. I especially like the incredible account of a beautiful young girl who was touched by Embraced by the Light prior to her sudden and unexpected passing.


UK Living  •  NDEs  •  Coming Back from the Light

Interviews with Elaine Durham and commentary on NDEs cross-culturally

Most people don't know that over 100 years ago, they used to put bells in coffins to alert passers by that the dead might still be alive. In the 1800's it wasn't uncommon to be wrongly declared as dead. Different NDE experiencers recount their Near Death Experiences.

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